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Modest Outfit Pairing: Shop Your Closet pt.1

So I am currently in a season of trying to learn how to better budget our family’s money and save on certain things. I don’t usually go for the expensive stuff, but I am a sucker for cute things, especially if they are on sale. Unfortunately I get reeled in too easily by sales (especially clothes!) and I end up not saving much money after all. *oops*..

Some women mentioned to me before that one way to save money is to start by shopping your closet first before going to the mall. So now I am on a mission to see how creative I can get with the pieces I already own in my closet.

For this “Shop your closet- One Dress, Four Looks” series, I am basically using one dress to create four possible outfits for myself. If you are okay with layering and getting creative with accessories, then I hope this post inspires you to start shopping your closet. Who knows? You may end up with 5 or 6 cute “new outfits”!

Look #1 – The Original Dress Plus a Belt 

I found a stripped knee length dress that I am going to use for my foundation piece. I added a belt for some “texture”.



I feel like the belt also helps “elongate” my torso. Makes me look taller 🙂

Thank you for reading! Stay tune for look #2!


Keep styling and remember modesty starts first in the heart <3


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