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Shop Your Closet Pt.2

The second look for the ” Shop your closet -1 dress, 4 looks” series is a semi formal work outfit!

(links in posts below for similar tops)

The bottom of this dress has a pencil skirt shape to it already, so I just paired it with a boxy woven top from Forever 21.

If you like the color of this top that I am wearing and the style,  Here is something similar from Forever 21.  They also have this kind of top in floral print if you are a fan of flowers like me! They also carry these tops in more neutral colors as well.



Here is the same outfit with a blue top!

This outfit is really convenient if you are running late for work and have no clean dress pants! Simple and easy to dress up or down.


Thank you for following! Check back for outfit #3. ( It has to do with denim :p )

Keep Styling, and remember modesty starts first in the heart <3


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