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Sincerely Your Doctor’s Wife Interview Series

Hi Everyone!

I will be starting an interview series call ” Sincerely Your Doctor’s Wife”. I will be connecting with women from different walks of life and asking them to share about their journey from being married to a medical professional. I hope to eventually expand this series to not just doctor’s wives, but also to women married to husbands who work jobs with very irregular schedules. Regardless if you are married or single, whether your husband is home every night or gone most nights, my prayer is that God would use what is shared here to be of some encouragement and blessing. The Lord has given us all unique experiences and challenges. You don’t have to be married to a doctor to relate to this blog. This series is just a platform to help us see God in some of our challenging circumstances and be reminded of His faithfulness and goodness.

Keep charting along with me as I document these stories from newly wed wives, to young moms, to empty nesters! May you find many encouragement through this series.

Much Love,


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