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Shop Your Closet: Final Look- Stripes and Polka Dots

This is the fourth and final look for the “Shop Your Closet- 1 Dress, 4 Looks” series!

Not gonna lie, this fourth look is a little ( ok maybe a lot)  out of my comfort zone mainly because I do not usually do pattern- on- pattern kind of outfits. Mixing patterns is not my strong suit ( haha is this a pun? :p)  and can potentially make the outfit look too “busy”.  I distinctly recall my first day back in kindergarten, I wore an outfit with pink polka dots and pink stripes…a girl teased me.. I got sad.. I have since forgiven her… still sorta traumatized.. and literally NEVER wore polka dots with stripes ever again…till now..

Hope I don’t look too crazy! :p Feel free to share any tips you have on mixing patterns and prints in the comment section!


polka dots

polka dots and stripes

Just another one of those dramatic pictures with an old brick wall 🙂


Thank you all who have been following this short series 🙂 Its been fun mixing and matching different things in my closet.

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Keep Styling!

Modesty starts first in the heart <3


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