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Blue Rose Skirt Transformation

This project is actually a dress transformed into skirt! I loved the blue rose print, because it is quite unique. My mom and I found the original dress at a small vintage dress shop a few years back. We both stopped at the same time, mesmerized by the pretty print.

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The original dress itself was super cute, but unfortunately it was a little bit too short on me. I love the print so much, I couldn’t bear giving it away, so I thought I’d experiment and see if I can create something new.



I used a seam ripper and took apart the body of the dress. Seam rippers are life savers for someone like me who make tons of mistakes while sewing.
I wanted to lengthen the skirt a few inches, so I chose a fabric close in color to the blue roses. I cut a few inches longer in order to leave room for seam allowance. In this picture I am preparing the hem. Ironing first makes it a lot easier to sew.
Sew the hemmed section to the bottom of the skirt. Right sides together. Only sew along the bottom edge part.
Flip the top part down and iron both pieces flat!
Using an elastic waist band is much easier than inserting a zipper, so I naturally gravitated towards this option. I cut the waist band a little bit longer than my waist size to allow for both seam allowance and room for mistake 🙂

I decided I wanted to give the skirt some structure and body, so made a few pleats. This was my first time, so not all the pleats are even. The rest of the skirt was finished by following this girl’s video tutorial . Her instructions are really clear and easy to follow!

Here are more pictures of the finished product 🙂 Feel free to let me know what you think!

Thank you for reading 🙂 I have to give a shout out to my mom here. She paid for private sewing lessons for me back in junior high simply because I mentioned in passing that I wanted to learn how to sew. My sewing machine is close to 13 years old now and apparently discontinued. Thankful that she believed in me and I can now transform pieces of clothing into outfits that better suit my body 🙂


Keep Styling!


If you are looking for a sewing machine and not planning to do anything heavy duty ( sew leather or heavy weight curtains) Here are a few options. Something to keep in mind is, machines these days provide you with more than enough stitches for the average day to day projects. My machine only has 3 stitches and I get by just fine.


Here is a 4 piece set of different size seam rippers plus a measuring tape. Seam rippers are definitely a must for sewing projects! I would say they are the MVP of my sewing adventures.


Last,but definitely not least, I use this kind fabric glue for more light weight projects. Easy and no thread and needles! This glue is good for hemming thinner fabric.  Used it for my Floral Blouse Project





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