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"More Than A Change of Clothes" Series

More Than A Change Of Clothes Project

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As much fun as my modest fashion posts are for me, in the back of my mind, I always knew there are important heart issues to address about what modesty is and is not. There is danger in associating modesty with simply just adding a piece of fabric. Simply associating the virtue of a person by the length of their skirt is quite a skimpy definition. One can dress “modestly” according to some people’s definition of what modest fashion is, and have a blatantly immodest heart. While our bodies are covered with more fabric, our hearts could be covered with much pride and arrogance.

Modesty is first and foremost an attitude of one’s heart. It manifests itself in our actions, words, and thoughts. It is way more than a change of clothes. One’s choice of displaying modesty through clothes and fashion is an outward practice of an inward conviction that has been formed first in the heart. At the end of the day, those few more inches of cotton, silk, chiffon, polyester, rayon, and spandex will never be able to make us holier and more acceptable before God. It is Christ’s blood washing away our sin and His perfect righteousness covering us that makes us acceptable before our creator.

As I continue to strut down this side of eternity, I am learning that Christian living is not solely about myself. Nothing I do is ultimately about myself. I personally believe how I choose to dress does honor my God, however there is also something else in this picture. What if my attitude towards modesty, combined with how I choose to dress could impact women, men, and children around me?  So many verses in the bible address our lives in the context of community and lifting and encouraging each other. Could how I dress fit somehow fit into this picture as well?

Instead of merely sharing my convictions right here on this post I thought it would be cool to take you all through the book that played a role in shaping my view and understanding of what biblical modesty looks like in the form of heart attitude, actions, thoughts, and choice of clothes.

I will be doing a chapter- by- chapter book review on the book Modesty, More than a Change of Clothes  by Martha Peace & Kent Keller. I will share various points that stood out to me from each chapter as well as my own personal reflections and what I learned. Because this topic sits more in the grey area, I just want to emphasize that all things shared are really my own thoughts and not intended to impose any personal convictions on other people. 

( Super excited about this next part)

I know for myself, I often get inspired about something, but am left without much resources.

Therefore, I have connected with a few companies who are excited about providing beautiful and fashionable modest clothing for women. I will be featuring pieces of their company’s clothing as well as their website and social media links at the end of each post. Be sure to check them out! 

I am really looking forward for this project, and would love to hear your thoughts and opinions after each chapter review. However, again, I cannot emphasize enough, clothing and fashion is only one manifestation of how someone exercises a biblical understanding of modesty. I look forward to our journey as we dive past the jeans and maxi skirts and into the heart of the matter.


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In case you wanted to follow along, here is the book.


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