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"More Than A Change of Clothes" Series

More Than A Change of Clothes: What is Immodesty Anyway? ( Ch1)

This is post number 1 of the More Than A Change of Clothes  series.  Today’s dress contributor is from Alma Studio. Be sure to check them out at the bottom of this post.


Chapter 1:  What is Immodesty, Anyway?

The first chapter is pretty short but it does a great job at defining and laying out what a modest attitude looks like and what an immodest attitude looks like.

  •  “ Modesty is an inner attitude of the heart motivated by a love for God that seeks His glory through purity and humility; it often reveals itself in words, actions, expressions, and clothes” ( 17).
  • Immodesty is an attitude of the heart that expresses itself with inappropriate words, actions, expressions and/or clothes that are flirtatious, manipulative, revealing or suggestive of sensuality or pride” ( 18).


The chapter goes on to explain that:

  • “ A heart that is concerned about pleasing God will express itself modestly by what you think, say, do, and wear. True modesty can come only from someone who is more concerned about showing the world how great God is than how great she is. True modesty doesn’t come from changing one’s wardrobe. It comes from having one’s heart changed”(17).


I like how the Kent pointed out that the main motivation for exercising modesty whether it is through actions, thoughts, and expression of clothing is ultimately from one’s love for God. The ultimate desire to honor Him, is what fuels this desire. True modesty was never meant to glorify ourselves. For example “ Look what I am wearing!” or judging other people based on your own standards.

The chapter continues with some bold examples of how immodesty can be manifested through one’s action. I had to really examine my heart and myself in general, because it was super easy for me to feel defensive.

Here is what it says:

“ Just as with modesty, the immodesty we can see comes from an immodest heart, which we can’t see. You can, however measure the heart by the fruit that your life produces ( Matthew 7:20). If you want to act or dress immodestly so that you catch the attention of all the guys, or at least that cute one who you wish would pay more attention to you, God is not first in your heart.

If you haven’t found out already, some guys can be manipulated pretty easily. This desire to get them to do what you want by flirting, behaving, or dressing immodestly does not honor God” ( 18).


The chapter concludes with two great questions for readers to ask themselves.

  1. Has anyone ever come to you, out of love and care for you, and pointed out that you may be immodest? How did you respond?
  2. Maybe the person rebuking you for immodesty was wrong. She may have been inappropriately legalistic in her understanding of Scripture. But did you at least consider what she had to say?


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Big thanks to Alma Studio for this beautiful dress. The material is super soft, stretchy and very comfy 🙂 They have lots of great floral selections to choose from on their website!

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