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"More Than A Change of Clothes" Series

More Than A Change of Clothes: Why Should I Wear Clothes? Ch 3

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I didn’t forget about ch.2! I will go back to this chapter at a later time, but thought Ch. 3 was a better post to continue from post #1. 


This chapter touches upon the interesting point of the origin of clothing. It takes readers back to the Garden of Eden and addresses the spiritual battle that ultimately resulted in our need to wear clothes.

The main point of this chapter can be found in this blurb.

 “ Someone, probably in all sincerity, will think that the origin of clothes is the store, or course. This chapter is not designed to point out where you could, or should, buy your clothes. Rather, it is concerned with the origin of clothes so that we will understand why appropriate clothing is so important”(35).

It is quite interesting that the authors point out that the origin of clothes was to cover mankind of their nakedness exposed by sin from disobeying God. After Adam and Eve sinned, their eyes were opened and they became ashamed of their nakedness- something that didn’t even cross their mind only seconds ago before choosing to eat the fruit. The nakedness that Adam and Eve were comfortable with prior to sinning also describes their relationship with each other and God. They were fully transparent with each other and complimented each other perfectly. Their relationship with the Lord was also perfect, without fear or distrust. They were fully exposed and fully loved, and knew that perfectly well.

“ Clothes are not primarily about fashion, style, trying to fit in with your friends, or even warmth. The God-given reason for wearing clothes is to cover our nakedness so that we do not experience guilt and shame for sin. … The reason for this goes all the way back to the earliest history of mankind and was given during the beginning of our universe in Genesis 1-3”(35).

After Adam and Eve sinned, God created the first garments for them to cover their shame.

“Therefore, their very clothing was a reminder that they had sinned against God and could no longer be innocent in the presence of God or each other”(37).

“ The original purpose for clothing came about because people were no longer innocent but filled with sin. Even believers, who have been saved from slavery to sin, still experience the seduction of sin “(38).

“ Shame due to “nakedness” was paid for by death, the death of Jesus Christ..”(37).

This chapter addresses more of the spiritual side of this clothing matter, but never the less, I feel like it is important in our understanding about the function of clothing in general, and the purpose clothing are suppose to provide.

I love the ending of the chapter with this reminder:

“ Keep in mind that there is a difference between the shame due to sin and being ashamed of how God made you. We should not.  feel shame about what we look like. The psalmist rejoices that he is “fearfully and wonderfully made” ( Psalm 139:14). Remember to be thankful for how God has uniquely made you! “ ( 38).


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