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Pregnancy Update and Some Q&A

Entering into 25 weeks of growing this tiny life inside of me this week!

Baby is roughly the size of a cauliflower according to online fruit/veggie baby comparison chart. Since finding out the gender ( read previous post HERE) , the reality that there is a little life rapidly growing inside of me has definitely been sinking in. It has been a humbling journey and my faith has been stretched and challenged in many ways.  It is easy to fall into the thinking that if I just do ” x, y or z” then my baby would grow better or it is up to me to make sure everything is okay with the little kiddo inside. However, there are so many things that are beyond my control and I found the only comfort I could turn to was really trusting God that He loves this life way way more than I ever could, and it is ultimately Him who is knitting this child inside my womb.

So far in my pregnancy, I haven’t been hit with super hard news about the baby.  I can only give thanks to God for this,  I understand it was not anything I had done to have or deserve a healthy pregnancy.

There has been a few moments of concerns though that showed me just how not in control I am in and how in general the need for me to be in constant prayer and relying on Christ for strength and comfort. I know a lot of what I am sharing below are very small concerns compared to devastating news many parents are told when they come out of the doctors’ office. Just wanted to share a bit of my scares to show how God has been stretching me these days.

  • The day after my anatomy ultrasound scan at 19 weeks, which is also when they tell you the gender of the baby, I got a call from the nurses asking me to come in again to do another scan because they saw something like a “bright light” in the baby’s heart. The nurses were really nice and said the doctor just wanted to double check everything and to not jump into conclusions. Hearing the words “something in baby’s heart” was enough to make me feel antsy and nervous. The radiology department was pretty booked that week, so I had to wait until the following week to go back. It really felt like the longest week ever. The follow up scan took a long time, almost an hour and a half, but the doctor was able to review the scans on the spot and explain to me what exactly they saw. Apparently the bright light is what they called as an echogenic foci. Its usually calcium or mineral build up that happens for unknown reasons and usually should resolve itself as baby develops. This condition is also quite common in babies with Asian mothers.
  • Something about the way my placenta is facing and the insertion of umbilical cord needs some extra monitoring. I won’t be sharing too much in details about this because I myself still need to ask the doctor some questions and get more information. So far it is not super concerning, however what concerned me was the doctor mentioning that because of “this situation” there could be a possibility that the baby may come out small or not get enough nutrients towards the end of the pregnancy. I will be going in for a growth scan in a few weeks and baby will be monitored more closely from there on out. 

Perhaps these scares that I have seem like over reactions from being a first time mom, but they did unearth the undeniable fact that other than Christ, everything I lean on for strength and comfort indeed is sinking sand.

Like all new moms, I’ve been getting lots of questions regarding how my pregnancy is going and just my experiences so far. Many have also been curious at how Dr. J has been handling everything.  I thought I’d answer a few common questions below 🙂


Q. Have you had food aversions or special cravings?

A. To be really honest, I have been super blessed with this pregnancy to have no food aversions and actually did not have any morning sickness at all. Really praise God for this. Sadly, no special cravings either haha.. I was secretly hoping to have weird midnight cravings that would send Dr. J to the ice cream store or some burger restaurant. I admit, I would often say I am “craving” something, but they are all food I would normally crave if I wasn’t pregnant. Because I am pregnant though, my husband has been more generous with these treats!


Q. What are some uncomfortable symptoms you are experiencing right now at 25 weeks?

A.  Back pains! 🙁 I’ve actually had back pains, mainly throughout my lower back since first trimester. During first trimester when the baby was still the size of a blue berry, I was already feeling super achy. It has progressively gotten worse and am not looking forward to entering third trimester..

Like majority of pregnant ladies, I have been plagued with frequent urges to empty out my bladder. The most unsatisfying thing is feeling like you have a gallon to pee out, and it ends up being a small trickle.. just to have to go back to the restroom like 15 minutes later.


Q. Do you have the nursery set up already?

A. Nope.. but we really need to get on that. I am a huge procrastinator when it comes to organizing and our second bedroom has been functioning more as a storage room with a single bed for guests who don’t judge my obvious disorganized tendencies. Perhaps they secretly do, but I don’t ask.

Side note: I am a huge fan of Snoopy, and although I know we need to find the practical stuff like a crib and some storage space..  I find myself getting more excited looking for Snoopy baby blankets and onesies :p



Q. Any good parenting books you have read or have been recommended to read?

A. The two books that have been recommended to me both have to do with biblical parenting, addressing the heart of the child. I personally have only read the first book below, and I plan on re-reading it as well as the second book once baby boy grows older.

  1. Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp
  2. Parenting by Paul David Tripp



Q. What are some of your favorite maternity clothes/clothing hacks?

A. I love my maternity leggings which I bought for $5 and $6 from my local ROSS. The exact brand is called Feathers Maternity. I am sure they are nothing super out of the ordinary, but the band on the leggings are fantastic! I would definitely recommend checking out stores like ROSS for discounted maternity clothes when you are first starting out.

The second treasured possession is this belly band that you can purchase straight from Amazon. It is 2 bands just under $20. I got mine from target, but Amazon seem to have a better deal. This band is definitely a money saver if you do not wish to purchase maternity pants and your legs still fit into your regular pants. Basically the band goes over the unzipped waist area of your pants and holds the pants up. It looks like a regular camisole underneath your shirt. They come in an assortment of colors too! 

Q. Since your husband is a doctor, does he just answer all your pregnancy questions? ( Have been getting this question a lot) 

A. haha No… the most common phrase I have been hearing lately from Dr. J is ” Go ask your OB!” 

OBGYN is a specialty in itself and residents in other specialties usually do not get super extensive training in OB.  My husband has gotten some training in certain aspects of OB ,  but I appreciate that he encourages me to ask my doctor for advice, clarification and information. 

Q. Do you mind if people touch your belly? 

A. I actually don’t mind that much. I think it is kinda cute. However if you are a guy, maybe just ask first, because it can be kinda awkward. :p 


Thanks for reading and letting me share with you all my journey so far!

With love,



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  1. I love this post, and it was such a good read! I love the books you suggested! They are great ones! I had to read them in college. Also it was such a helpful post to me being pregnant myself.

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