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Simple DIY Nursery Curtain

A huge part of the nesting phase that I mentioned in my previous post has to do with setting up the baby’s room. Theres actually not much going on in this space, very simple actually, but one project that I’ve been thinking of working on and finally got around to it, was sewing curtains for the two small windows in the room. I’ve been procrastinating on this project since the day we moved in a year and a half ago. The sun shines quite brightly through the windows, and my poor guests who stay over usually wonder why they even bother to set an alarm.

Anyways, thought I’d share some pictures of this simple DIY project. I really wanted to buy actual curtains, but I couldn’t find any the size of these windows specifically. I knew I wanted a touch of snoopy in the room too, so when Amazon had a fabric sale on Black Friday, I jumped at the opportunity!

Usually for curtains, I would recommend using fabric for home decor or heavier duty fabric, especially if you are looking to block out the sun light. However, the only Snoopy fabric available was in cotton material, so I needed to find some sort of backing fabric to sew on the backside to prevent light from shining right through.

I used some old curtains that I was thinking of getting rid of as the backing for this project. It worked out since the fabric was originally used for curtains anyway. Basically just measured out the desired length and width of each piece of fabric and I sewed the two pieces together.

This is a tension rod. You can adjust the length easily. I purchased mine at my local Target.

The next step is just to fold the flap wide enough for the tension rod to slide through. Fold and sew

Here is the finished product! ( For this project I only needed 1 yard of fabric)

Super simple, basically straight stitch everything. This is a great beginners project for those just starting out in sewing.


Thanks for reading!

<3 Carrie


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