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But I’m Just Not Naturally Motherly Enough

Literally the first thought that came into my mind when I looked down at my hand holding the positive pregnancy test was ” ..but.. but..I’m just not very motherly..” Oh how I genuinely wish I could tell you instead that I was overjoyed and excited, already scrolling through pinterest, brainstorming how to decorate the nursery. […]

"More Than A Change of Clothes" Series

More Than A Change of Clothes: Why Should I Wear Clothes? Ch 3

This post features Lemons and Lavender Boutique. Scroll down for more details 🙂 I didn’t forget about ch.2! I will go back to this chapter at a later time, but thought Ch. 3 was a better post to continue from post #1.  __________________________________________________________________________________ This chapter touches upon the interesting point of the origin of clothing. […]